One of the reasons Members tell us they move into RidgeCrest is so they and their families can have peace of mind knowing they are well taken care of.

Our goal is that you would never need our Care Services, but for the Members who do, we present a family-centered setting that is second to none. Whether investigating our community or another provider, the best way to educate yourself is to schedule an appointment. Look below for a brief overview of the assisted living services we offer at RidgeCrest.

Assisted Living

Improving quality of life

We understand that one of the biggest concerns you or your loved one may have is that a transition to Assisted Living can often mean a decreased quality of life. It’s this concern that we work to alleviate every day of the year. At RidgeCrest, our Assisted Living services are designed with one thing in mind — independence. Whether it’s our restaurant-style fine dining services, our luxurious and well-equipped apartment homes or our calendar of vibrant social activities, our Assisted Living services are second to none. And with our all-inclusive transparent pricing, you’ll be able to plan effectively for all the stages of aging. We believe that any person at any age in any condition can get better. And our daily goal is to enable this improvement in quality of life for every one of our Members.


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