Living the Weller Life

– November 2020 –

Mad Science

Last month our theme was ‘Mad Science’ and we had a variety of unique activities for our Members to participate in and show of their skills! 🧪🧬 We have many incredible Members who used to work in the science field and they love to give us a lot of awesome knowledge! Our activities throughout the month included – Lava Lamp 2.0, Fall Leaf Experiments, Blood Science, Molecule Mandala Art, The Science of Density, Periodic Table Games, and Volcanoes! 🔬🌋 Check out all of these fun events!


As we age, it’s important to focus on wellness and continuing to work for each muscle group. Our community offers 9 unique workouts per week for our Members to choose from. With programs for all fitness levels, Members at RidgeCrest enjoy Balance and Masters Moves, Water Warriors, Sunrise Seated Yoga, and more!

Veterans Day

Today we honored our Veterans with a morning service with our Social Director, Jennifer Johnson, singing the National Anthem followed by a beautiful message of Hope and Gratitude by Pastor Roger Gilbert. We concluded our service in prayer and by tying yellow ribbons around flags we will place around the flagpole. Each yellow ribbon holds the name of someone near and dear to our heart who has served or is serving in the United States Armed Forces. 🇺🇸 To conclude our Veteran’s Day Celebrations we built care packages to send to the USO for our troops. We had 5 female and 5 male soldiers that we prepared boxes of good snacks, sanitary items, and some fun items to keep them entertained. We appreciate all that you do and thank you for your service!

Mickey Mouse Celebration

To celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 92nd birthday, former Disney Castmember and current Director, Jennifer made Mickey waffles for us! We loved hearing about her time working for ‘The Mouse’ at Walt Disney World!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have such a talented team of chefs at RidgeCrest! This year, we’re thankful for such a beautiful and perfectly plated Thanksgiving Meal! Bon Appetit! 🦃

Winter Treat

How incredible do these apples look?! 🍎🍏 Our Social Director, Jennifer sure knows how to fry up some apples to make the Clubhouse smell like Christmas! 🤩

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