Living the Weller Life

– October 2020 –

Holiday Walk of Hope

RidgeCrest and Santa’s little helpers are on their way to creating a beautiful walk through Christmas light display for the holiday season! ❤️💚 The”Holiday Walk of Hope” will be a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association. 💜 We’re already had several donations of lights from people in our local area and incredible support from the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce ! We look forward to sharing more about this event in the coming month!!

Mount Airy Museum of Regional History

Our Members recently enjoyed the Mount Airy Museum of Regional History for a fun day learning about the history of our local area! 🤩

Morning Coffee

Starting your morning with laughter and coffee is the perfect way to begin your day! ☀️ We love seeing all of these beautiful smiles and sweet puppy faces bright and early! ☕️

Pound Fit

Our Members recently made their own kind of music and worked out their bodies with a fun Pound Fitness class!! ⚡️ Pound Fitness is a combination of cardio and weight training exercises using rhythmic techniques! Participants follow an instructor have fun while working out! 🥁


Earlier this week, our Members pitched in to help make scarecrows for our seasonal Story Walk. 🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏽‍♂️ What’s a Story Walk you ask? Well, a Story Walk is where you take a short book, short stories, or poems and place them around a walking trail. Each stop has a different section of the story! So in order to finish the story, you have to go for a walk and it’s a great way to keep our Members active and living The Weller Life at RidgeCrest! 📚

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