Top 4 Social Events of 2020

1. Arabian Nights

In January 2020, our community hosted an Arabian Nights Signature Experience and it was a night to remember! Attendees spent the day learning about the rich history that surrounds henna art and belly dancing. It was a wonderful learning experience and gave our Members a deeper context to the cultural relevance of them. In the evening, we gathered in our signature restaurant for the ‘Ali Baba Dinner’ where the room was draped in jewels, colorful fabrics and a magic lamp adorning each table. It was a beautiful way to celebrate those perfect ‘Arabian Nights’.

2. Winterville

Have you ever heard of Winterville?If not, let us be the first to tell you about this magical place nestled the heart of Mt. Airy at RidgeCrest! Winteville is a place that is full of enchanting scenes, delicious treats, and just cozy enough to stand the snow. Our Members walked into our formal dining room to find themselves surrounded by beautiful icicles and snow-covered trees, soon realizing they found Winterville! They dined on scrumptious food choices which included, a White Soup with chicken, potatoes, parsnips, cauliflower, a Baked White Fish with roasted onions, potatoes, white asparagus, and White Chocolate Mousse Parfait! It was an evening full of alluring events in a winter wonderland!

3. Renaissance Festival

Huzzah! The Lords and Ladies of RidgeCrest participated in a Renaissance Fair in March 2020! It was a warm day, perfect for outdoor activities and special guests! The RidgeCrest Leadership Team dressed for the occasion and really took on their characters to transform the community into a medieval fair! We welcomed a local blacksmith as our special guest to share his craft! We were mesmerized by the talent and skill that went into his work. Of course, we believe that our Members should be treated like royalty so they enjoyed a feast at the King’s Dinner! Our Dining Services department created a glorious meal for our Members to enjoy with banquet-style seating. Each attendee was given a flower crown or shield to match the theme! It was a day full of friends, fun, and lots of medieval excitement!

4. Holiday Walk of Hope

December 16-19, 2020 the Holiday Walk of Hope lit up RidgeCrest! Attendees enjoyed walking through thousands of glowing and twinkling holiday lights that were donated by local area companies and residents. We had a wonderful variety of performers who made each evening perfect. From the Dickens Carolers (NoneSuch Playmakers) and Mazel Benson to Dance Mix with Tracie there were over 10 different performers who took the stage and brought the holiday spirit to the Holiday Walk of Hope! The event successfully raised $2,579 to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.